We at Take Apart Sofas take great pride in our work.  All of our technicians are trained top specialists who are meticulous, talented, reliable and experienced. You should expect no less as we care about your furniture just as much as you do!


Some of the Services that we provide to all our customers, whether you are a Manufacture, Vendor, Store, Warranty or Insurance Company, Designer, Hotel, Restaurant, Construction Company, Delivery or Moving Company or a Valued Individual Customer include:

  • Same day, 24/7, and emergency services available
  • Responses and/or Replies to your Service Request ASAP (Usually upon one hour of receipt of your information)
  • Consistently Courteous, Professional and Thorough customer service
  • Our well trained and conscientious personnel treat your home, location, and furniture with the utmost Respect
  • Professional Technicians that come prepared to do almost any required job On-Site
  • State of the art equipment and supplies
  • We service locations in most major metropolitan areas of the US
  • All our work is guaranteed!

We specialize in the disassembly and reassembly of all types of furniture. We guarantee your desired piece will fit through that tiny doorway, elevator and up that spiral staircase. Sometimes a piece of furniture will simply not fit through a doorway. This may prevent you from putting it in a room, elevator or vehicle. Many people give up and decide that they need to buy smaller pieces of furniture. Fortunately, a more convenient and affordable solution is available. It’s possible to safely disassemble most couches, pool tables, beds and other furniture. We can take these items apart before you move them. We know the right techniques to disassemble various types of beds, sofas, tables and dressers. One of our experts will carefully reassemble the furniture after you have finished moving it to a new location. It is always best to hire a professional, to prevent damage and save time.

We can take apart anything from dressers, armoires, sofas, couches, sleepers, recliners, chandeliers, wall units, entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets and more!

Our staff uses the most effective methods to take apart those difficult items, such as platform and Murphy beds. We know that some components are easier to reattach than others. When we put furniture back together, it looks and functions as well as it did in the past.


Moving a couch, bed or a heavy set wall unit into a new place often requires a lot of wiggling, pushing and removal of doors. Living in all types of spaces makes it a challenge to fit/move your furniture so that it fits properly into your home. We have the solution for you….chose Sofa Take Apart to come out and handle it for you. It will save you time, hassle and avoid any damage to your furniture at a cost-effective price.

We take pride in being capable of disassembling and reassembling furniture in the exact same manner it was originally done. We stand for quality without limitations and take great pride in our work.

We can handle any type of Sofa Take-Apart and Reassembling job that you bring our way.

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